Household Cavalry

Household Cavalry Parade and Band

Horse Guards Parade

When you form up for inspection before taking part in your first Queen’s Life Guard Ceremony, it is a proud moment and the culmination of months of training.

Each ceremonial parade demands care of your horse before during and afterwards, physical fitness and attention to detail.

The successful mounted dutyman has all the qualities required in a first class crewman of armoured fighting vehicles; and after 2 years he will leave the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment to be retrained to take his place in the armoured reconnaissance role.

In London, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment selects and trains its own farriers, saddlers, tailors and riding instructors, all attractive trades which are beneficial for life.

All ride on State and Royal occasions. Last but not least are the storemen who are personally responsible for the valuable state uniforms and equipment, much of which has been used by the Household Cavalry in the service of more than one Sovereign.

Household Cavalry Band

They too have been trained in both ceremonial and operational duties. No account of the Household Cavalry would be complete without a mention of its world famous musicians. If you are a musician you could find yourself playing in either of the two mounted State Bands: that of The Life Guards or of The Blues and Royals. Each Band consists of some 34 musicians under a Director of Music. In order to join, you must have Grade 5 theory and Grade 5 practical in any instrument.


Each of the Bands has its own mounted drummer and the trumpeters wear gold coats to become State Trumpeters on State and Royal occasions.

As a musician you will also have to learn to ride and you will be taught First Aid skills. Much of your time will be spent looking after your horse, uniform and equipment; but if the Household Cavalry works hard, we also play hard. Riding and mounted sports naturally play an important part in the off-duty life of each Regiment, but other sports are not neglected and you’ll be encouraged to make full use of all the facilities available for sport and recreation and adventure training expeditions wherever you serve.